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An extraordinary teacher, Mrs. Joan Linsley traveled on the drilling ship, JOIDES Resolution, for fifty-six days and served as instructional facilitator. Mrs. Linsley worked with the scientists on the ship and our team back at Texas A&M to produce exciting Ship to Shore Conferences for participating science classrooms each week. Mrs. Linsley, along with project scientists, answered questions submitted by students during the broadcast through the Ask a Question system. For the archived broadcasts, click here.

The Ocean Drilling Distance Learning Program (OD-DLP) provides a unique and exciting opportunity for middle school students to interact and collaborate with a world class ocean drilling research team.  The ship to shore component of the OD-DLP provided live interactive video streams to the participating classrooms and allowed students and teachers to interact with research scientists aboard the JOIDES Resolution. Archived broadcasts are available to access the presentations from the Ship to Shore Conferences. These may be used with the content and resources from the OD-DLP Curriculum Modules.

This interactive component of the OD-DLP will help foster an increased level of excitement and curiosity in research science as well as increase students' knowledge of earth science.

Live streams were broadcasts weekly for seven weeks from January 17, 2001 through February 28, 2001.  The live streams were made possible through satellite technology.  They were transmitted from the JOIDES Resolution to a satellite in orbit, and then sent back down to Texas A&M's RealMedia server.  The live streams were then sent to the TRSI districts and then finally, to the participating schools and classrooms. 

All LIVE and ARCHIVED Broadcasts can be accessed below. Read the simple steps below before you begin:

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If you are just getting started or are having problems accessing broadcasts, follow the Getting Started Instructions at the bottom of this page.
Follow the link above to the Broadcast Schedule Page and Resource Center
Review the Teachers Orientation Page for each broadcast
Print a classroom set of the Student Journal Activity Sheet for each broadcast
Have your class submit questions to the ASK A QUESTION system
Next, view the scheduled live broadcasts or archived broadcasts
Check out the responses on the ASK A QUESTION RESPONSE Pages for each broadcast

Getting Started Instructions:

> Review the Getting Started handout, print it for your files

> Download the latest version of RealPlayer

> Run a practice test of the conferencing interface by accessing the archived Broadcast 1.