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Date: 28 February 2001
Topic: The End is Just the Beginning: Leg 194 Wrap-up
  • Discuss site lithologies
  • Discuss Margin History
  • Discuss initial question
  • Q/A with emails
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Teacher's Notes
Note: Teachers please follow the link below to print a classroom set of this week's student journal activity sheets. The activity sheet includes the Weekly Weather Log not just the questions given below.

Student Journal Question/ Activity
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Write a web article or newspaper article about the Ocean Drilling Distance Learning Program and your classroom's involvement. Your article should focus on answering the question: Why is it important to understand the history of sea level?

Your article should include the following:

  • A brief overview of the program, including your classroom's (or district's) participation in the program (the web site should be a good resource)
  • Focus on answering the question, Why is it important to understand the history of sea level?
  • The article doesn't need to exceed 1-2 pages
  • All articles should be proofread for grammar and spelling mistakes
  • As an optional exercise, interview one of the following stakeholders about your classroom's involvement in distance learning program. Ask a parent, a teacher, a school administrator, or a fellow student for their reaction to your district's participation in the program.
  • Students can include quotes from the interview in their web or newspaper article.

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