Broadcast Orientation
Date: 21 February 2001
Topic: The Sea Also Rises: Changes in Sea Level
  • Define sea-level
  • Discuss constraints on sea-level (container shape, water volume)
  • Discuss sea-level history
  • Discuss relation of ice volume to sea-level
  • Discuss impact of sea-level of reef
  • Q/A with emails
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Teacher's Notes
Note: Teachers please follow the link below to print a classroom set of this week's student journal activity sheets. The activity sheet includes the Weekly Weather Log not just the questions given below.

Student Journal Question/ Activity
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1. What is the elevation of your school?

To find the answer, look at a topographic map of your town. Go to the website and put the name of your town in the box under "Place Name Search." Then choose your state from the drop-down list and click on the "Search" button. Your town's topographic map will come up on the screen. You can use the buttons there to zoom in and out and move around on the map. Find the location of your school and read off its elevation from the map.

2. How far would you be from the coastline if all the icecaps melted and sea level rose 100 meters?

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