Activity Answers
Broadcast 6

Weekly Weather Log
Each week please complete the following information for both our location here off the coast of Australia and the location at your school. Each week students should complete the weekly log with the weather information at their school. Mrs. Linsley will send the ship weather report by email following each broadcast. Students can record this information at that time. Also, the front page of the web site will always display the time and date in Australia.

  My School Ship in Australia


26.5° C

Day and Time

February 21, 2001 @ 10:00am
[indicate snow, sleet or rain]
Skies or Cloud Bank
Wind Speed and Direction
10 Knots, East

Formula for Converting Celsius to Fahrenheit:
F= (1.8 X C) +32

1 Knot = 1 nautical mile per hour (1 nautical mile = 6076 feet or 1852 meters)

Cloud Cover is recorded by a code which lists the coverage in eights:
1:1/8 or less
8:8/8 Overcast
9: obscured or cloud amount cannot be determined

[Complete the questions below prior to the broadcasts, if at all possible]

1. What is the elevation of your school?
Answer: Go to the web site and put the name of the town/city and state into the "Place Name Search" box and click on the "Search" button. When it pulls up the map of your town, click on its name to see the map. Approximate on this map the location of the school and read the elevation (there are buttons on the map that you can use to zoom in and out to make it easier). These maps are also printable if that is a more useful way to view them.

2. How far would you be from the coastline if all the icecaps melted and sea level rose 100 meters?
Answer: Use the colored elevation map from this webpage:
If sea level rose 100 meters, the coastline would be between the darker green and lighter green sections of the map. There is a web page containing the map with the approximate coastline marked in red for your reference at this address:
We have labeled a distance scale on this map. Approximate the location of your school within the county outlines and use the distance scale to determine the distance to the red coastline.

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