Activity Hints for the Broadcasts

Mrs. Linsley's answer for the location of the ship was very precise. It is not necessary to have such a precise answer for the location of the ship to find the distance between you and the ship. Here is one method you can use to find the distance to the JOIDES Resolution.

Create a table to record your data. The table should be like the one below (or you can even use this one).

Location Latitude Longitude

Your School, TX

JOIDES Resolution, Australia

Follow the link below to find a world map. On this map you can find your approximate location in Texas (or wherever you may be). University at Texas Library World Map

Once you have all the latitudes and longitudes you need, go to this web page to enter the data from your table. Converting Latitude and Longitude to Distance



Identifying the member countries of the Ocean Drilling Program was intended as an optional extension activity. We suggest possibly using a classroom world map and identifying these countries as a class activity. The map at the link provided above can also serve for this purpose. Another suggestion for this activity is to have the students identify the countries by numbers on a map and make a key with the country names. For example:
1. United States
2. Japan
3. Australia, etc...

The map used in the broadcast and provided below can be used as needed.


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