Participant TrackStar Projects Summary
Linda Heathcott Oceans and Reefs Ecological study, including geologic time frame of coral reefs and ocean life around reefs 
Ronald Carson What Makes Climate? Factors that produce climate and have caused climatic changes in geologic time. 
Criselda J. Guerra Earth Science-Dinosaurs
Earth Science-Plate Techtonics
Dinosaurs Fun Sites
Plate Tectonics
Element Sites
Ronnie Cox Stream Flow Graph stream flow data from San Juan River near Pagosa Springs.
Leslie Philipp Discovering Plate Techtonics Students will learn about plate techtonics and continental drift. 
James Duffey The Carbon Cycle 
The Water Cycle
Introduction to the carbon cycle and water cycle. This lesson can be used to introduce students to the natural cycles of the earth. 
Robert Holder One Small Step for Man... Investigation of the United States space program; from its beginning to the evolution into the Apollo portion of that program and our quest for the Moon, and beyond.
William Ayres Learning By Watching the Clouds Students will learn about thunderstorms and tornadoes and how to identify the conditions that lead to these events.
Gina Renee' Schorsch Ocean Studies The student is expected to identify components of an ecosystem; observe and describe how organisms live together in an environment and use existing resources; describe how different environments support different varieties of organisms; and observe and describe the role of ecological succession in ecosystems.
Steven Bull Tornadoes Commonly asked questions and pictures about tornadoes.
Gay Lynne Pope Potential and Kinetic Energy at Geologic Faults This is a 7th Grade Lesson on potential and kinetic energy,and how these energy forms influence the earth surface at Geologic Faults.
Lynn Beason A Study of Geologic Time This track is designed to help students develop an understanding of geologic time. Students will produce an illustrated geologic time scale.
Lee Eriksen Life on a Deep Ocean Drilling Ship This lesson is designed for middle school science classes. Students will learn about a deep ocean drilling or research ship and what it is like to live and work on the ship.
Joe Bledsoe Plate Tectonics The purpose of this project is to introduce middle school students to the concept of plate tectonics.
Dwight McHazlett Where do Rocks Come From? The purpose of this TRACK is to introduce students to how rocks are formed and classified.
Charles Geach  Surf at the Beach Not at School This track will guide teachers to resources that will help them use the internet in their classrooms.This track is also designed to help teachers to be able to focus their internet lessons so that students will spend less time surfing and more time on task.