Ocean Drilling Distance Learning Program
Texas A&M University

DLP Intensive 2000, June 12-16, 2000
and/or DLP Laboratory Internship (To Be Announced)
Thank you for applying to DLP Intensive 2000 and/or DLP Laboratory Experience.  We will use your responses to design the summer program.

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Background of School Responsibilities

  1. If you have a role other than science teacher, mark the role:
  2. Science group leader Administrator Staff Developer
    Technology Coordinator Technologist/Specialist Other:
    Media Specialist Technology Director
  3. The level with whom you teach/work:
  4. Elementary Middle School / Jr. High Senior High
    Central Office Other 
    Grade Level(s) Taught:  
  5. What science area do you teach? 
  6. What kind of science experiments do you have students do?
  7. Computer Simulations Field Studies
    Classroom/Lab Experimentation Other 
  8. Do you teach classes on earth and/or ocean science? Yes No
  9. What science textbook is used in your class? 
  10. If you teach a specific subject other than science, mark the areas that best describe what you teach.
  11. Social Studies/History Language Arts
    Technology Foreign Languages
    Health/PE Mathematics
    Business Other 
  12. Do you have a computer in your home? Yes No

  13. If yes, what kind or OS? 
  14. Do you have a computer in your classroom? Yes No

  15. If yes, what kind or OS? 
  16. Which web browser do you use? 



    Background of School/District

    1. Does your school or district use any distance learning methods (i.e., compressed video or satellite feeds)?
    2. Yes No     If yes, please describe 
    3. Does your school have an integrated computer literacy program? Yes No
    4. Are you in a position where you can deliver technology-related staff development to other teachers/faculty in your school/district? Yes No
    5. Please classify your school in terms of technology infrastructure and applications (mark those applicable and give some details below):
    6. Just getting started
      Basic equipment
      Multimedia and instructional applications
      Internet connectivity
      Student multimedia production
      Modem connections
      Computer or technology lab
      High-end computers (i.e. ultra-fast processors, video/sound cards, large hard drives, etc.)
      Software library with recent titles and applications
      School Web Page; specify URL 
      Science class Web Page; specify URL 
  18. Science and Technology in Learning: A Training Survey
  19. A.  How would you position yourself along this technology training/experience scale? 
    Little or no training or experience in technology use
    Limited training or experience in technology use
    Fair to adequate training or experience in technology use
    Adequate to good training or experience in technology use
    Significant training or experience in technology use
    Advanced experience or an advanced degree in technology
    B.  How many preservice hours of technology training have you had? 
    C.  How many inservice hours of technology training have you had? 
    D.  Check those items that best describe your computer use: 
    Teaching computer applications and students to use the computer
    Using computer applications as a demonstrations tool
    Administrative Tasks (not for instruction)
    Creation of classroom materials
    Using the Internet in instruction
    E.  How often do you correspond with fellow educators using E-mail? 
    Once a day Once a week Occasionally Never
    F.  Indicate which technology related topics are of interest to you. (Rank each with most interest as #1) 
      An Introduction to Computers
    Curriculum Development Tools
    Instructional Applications of Interactive and Desktop Conferencing
    Technology Planning
    Grant Procurement
    Technology Integration into Classroom Curriculum
    Productivity Tools
    Content-focused Technology Applications
    Multimedia Development
    Integrating the Internet into the Classroom
    Basic Web Page Construction
    Intermediate Web Page Construction
    K-12 Distance Learning
    G.  Indicate the science related topics that most interest you. (Rank each with most interest as #1)
      Scientific Method - Experimental Design/ Hypothesis Generation
    Analysis of Samples - Instruments and Measures
    Statistics and Interpretation of Results
    Implication of Results - Societal Significance
    Exploration of the Oceans
    Exploration of the Earth
    Tectonic Processes
    Climate Change
    Sea-level Change
    New Techniques in Science
    H.  What delivery method do you prefer? 
    Face-to-Face Interactive Videoconferencing Web-based Training
    Are you interested in the 5-day intensive? Yes No

    Are you interested in the 6-week laboratory-based experience? Yes No

  1. Please use this space to briefly describe your reasons for participating in the Ocean Drilling Distance Learning Program.